Call for Quilts of Valor by Alycia!

Alycia, of No Soldier Forgotten, has put out a call for Quilts of Valor. You can see her post here to read more about it. She actually has a waiting list of soldiers who need quilts! We can’t let this happen!

I have one I am working on the binding and another sitting here that a guild member gave me for QOV. I have two that need quilting and Ann’s Diamonds is being bound by Ann herself. As soon as I am done with the binding on mine I will ship it and the other finished one to Alycia. The others will be a little longer as I was really hoping to get them quilted in December and Ann was going to get me her’s maybe in December or January.

I also have planned a QOV sew day at my local guild on Thursday, November 10 (it was the closest I could get to Veteran’s Day on the 11th and still manage the kids who only have a half day of school on the 11th!). Last year was the first year I did this at our guild, and hopefully it created some awareness of the need and we will have more folks there this year.

What can you do to help Alycia? The last time she asked for help was about two years ago if I remember correctly, and she was flooded with quilts. Can we do it again? Spread the word!


One thought on “Call for Quilts of Valor by Alycia!

  1. Bari, I will be happy to bind any of the quilts that you make. It’s one thing I can do at home and still help! So, just let me know when they are ready!

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