Quilter’s Accountability Report – November 16, 2011

Boy, it has been a busy week! I haven’t caught my breath yet, and am still on the run….LOL. I have gotten some stuff done though, just not everything I really would have liked to have gotten done.

Last week’s goals –

  1. Finish Dusty’s Eagle Scout quilt – not done
  2. Prepare for QOV sew day tomorrow – done
  3. Load next customer quilt – obviously, not done
  4. Finish binding on the NSTSP #2 quilt – done
  5. Make soap – done

Well, the big thing I wanted to finish, Dusty’s Eagle Scout quilt, is still not finished. Some progress, but not enough. I could have finished it Monday, but chose to make my soap instead. I am on a really tight deadline on the soap as it needs to cure 3-4 weeks before I give it away. The Christmas parties where I planned to use it as a gift are the first week of December. I am pushing it as it is! Since I am on the subject, here is the soap – 
This is right after I cut it into bars. There are 20 bars.

Isn’t it pretty? I can’t wait to try it!

I did get things prepared for my QOV sew day at the guild, though I was up until 11:30 the night before (and still didn’t get everything I would have liked to finished!). Here are the pieces from the quilt I started. 

The quilt design was originally a mystery quilt, so I am just going to show you pieces and units for now and the final quilt will be a surprise!

Here are several of the units for the quilt. It is semi-scrappy as I didn’t have enough of each color to make one that was coordinated….but it is all from stash!

Speaking of Quilts of Valor, I finished the binding on my NSTSP#2 Tuesday evening and it is in the wash as I am writing this. Woo hoo!

Not too bad for the week, though I really needed to get Dusty’s quilt done.

This week’s goals –

  1. FINISH DUSTY’S QUILT (Yes, I am shouting at myself!)
  2. Make label for the NSTSP#2 quilt and put it on

That is it. Period. I. Have. To. Finish. Dusty’s. Quilt!

No playing for me until that quilt is finished…no piecing my new QOV top or my First Saturday top……Nothing. Nada.

Also, just in case anyone is wondering, I haven’t gotten my deer yet. I did have an excellent chance last Friday morning on a nice, big-bodied buck, and I shot right under his belly at 15-yards. I was sick. Thinking about it though, I noticed my sights were blurry through my peep and I was having trouble focusing on the sights and the deer. With a little investigation, I found it was because of the balaclava I had covering my head. That made my anchor point off quite a bit. Later during the day I put all my cold-weather gear on and went out and shot at my target. I was consistently 5-6 inches low with the hood on AND I had trouble focusing. Now I guess my ears are just going to have to freeze until I get a deer. At least that way I have a hope of getting one. Wish me luck on both the deer and Dusty’s quilt!

What about you? How are you doing on your goals, especially with the holidays and all that goes with them fast approaching? Can we help cheer you on?

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky. Join in the fun anytime – just for a week or a month or the rest of the year… let us know what you have accomplished.

I will check in with you later!


One thought on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – November 16, 2011

  1. I must have missed that you were a soap maker – that is really cool. What flavor is it? Congrats on finishing the binding! And have some fun this week too… while you are working Hard!!

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