Design Wall Monday

This is my design wall right now….and that says a lot about my life right now. It is CRAZY! That is why I haven’t posted in almost three weeks!

The four strips on the left are the final borders to my 2011 First Saturday Block of the Month project. The dinosaur blocks are for Mini-me’s quilt and are the highest on the priority list now that I am done with customer quilts for this month. The little blocks in the center of the dinos are from Lorraine Olsen’s miniature class and I would love to make 8 more to go with those. I am really liking  the blue and yellow blocks best on those and may keep any others I do in those color families.

The other stuff is just a mix of stuff that I have hung on my wall to keep it from getting lost in the rest of the room and some of Munchie’s art.

My big priority for this week is to work on Mini-me’s quilt. I really would like to have the top done by Christmas!

For more inspiration (not that my wall is particularly inspiring!) skip on over to Patchwork Times and see what everyone else is working on!


2 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday

  1. Love the dinosaur blocks! I can remember how crazy busy the holiday times were with children in the house, enjoy it because soon enough they are gone and a whole new kind of busy develops!

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