2012…. Let’s call it the year of the UFO

The number of UFOs that I have has really been weighing on me and 2012 is the year I want to get as many done as possible. I have been mulling over them for quite some time, and had actually hoped to get several of them done this month (it is the 20th, I don’t think I am going to make it, especially since tomorrow is the kids’ last day of school!)

Personal Quilting Goals for the remainder of 2011 and all of 2012

  1. Main goal – finish as many UFOs as possible! (I have around 40!)
  2. Finish a minimum of 24 UFOs  – average 2 per month
  3. Enter some of those UFOs in upcoming quilt shows
  4. Start no new quilting projects unless they are immediate gifts or I am already committed to them

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? (Can you hear my hysterical laughter?! How did I ever get to this point?)

I have three quilts I would like to finish up this year – Matt’s dinosaur quilt, Lilli’s doll quilt (this one has to be done by Christmas!), and put the binding on Deb’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. As I said earlier, I had hoped to do more, but at this point I will be happy to get these three done.

Fifteen of my UFOs are “flimsies”, tops that just need quilting and then binding. Those should not be too bad if I will just make time for them on my longarm. One of the big incentives on this is that my local guild show is held every two years and the next is September 2012. I would love to have a bed quilt to hang in the show as well as my usual wall hanging!

Four more quilts don’t have too awful much work on them. If I can get these and the 15 flimsies finished that is already 19 UFOs! If I can get multiple of the easier projects done earlier, that would give me more time for some of the more labor-intensive tops such as the Civil War Tribute (CWT). I don’t think I can get all of them done in one year (see the CWT quilt, what in the world was I thinking?!), but I am going to try to get as close to that number as I can!

My pledge of not starting new projects includes no block of the month programs, First Saturday programs, tempting blog quilt-alongs…..all those fun, exciting projects that just beckon me to start them. 2013 will be a year of new starts…..if the Lord lets me survive until then! The only exception to this is two classes that I have signed up for this coming spring – one is the glorified 9-patch and the other is a Radiant Sunshine and Shadow quilt.

I am posting a whole page with my UFO projects on it – look at the tabs above: “Home”, “Contacts”, “Crossroads Custom Quilts Photos”, and “UFO Challenge”. Click on UFO Challenge and you can see the wide variety of my UFOs. I will update changes to this page as I post them to my main blog and will link the two together.

I will also be doing this in conjunction with Judy Laquidara’s Patchwork Times UFO Challenge, though I am not really sure how I am going to coordinate it. Probably pick one or two of my easier quilts for the month and go with them instead of the random number thing. That will obviously mean the latter months of the year will be much more difficult than the earlier months!

Here is an abbreviated version of my list – for the full list with pictures check out the UFO Challenge page.


  1. Mini-me’s dinosaur quilt
  2. Lilli’s doll quilt
  3. Bind Deb’s grandmother’s flower garden


  1. 2008 First Saturday – Mariner’s Compass
  2. 2009 First Saturday – Chocolate Swirls
  3. 2010 First Saturday – French
  4. Spring Stars
  5. McTavish wholecloth #1
  6. McTavish wholecloth #2 – roses
  7. The Mariner’s Coins
  8. Pineapple Four Patch
  9. Lancaster Rose Applique wall hanging
  10. Pink and green ugly
  11. Baby girl crib quilt
  12. 2012 Longarm Challenge quilt – due in June
  13. Ann H’s BOM QOV top
  14. JoAnn S’s QOV top
  15. Rainbow sampler borders and sashing quilt
  16. 2011 First Saturday – Square in a Square
  17. Bowtie Blues
  18. Four Patch Posey
  19. Jelly Roll Strip quilt
  20. 2009 Row Quilt
  21. Birds in the Air
  22. Christmas Tree skirt
  23. Inchies for Camp
  24. Not So Ugly Monkey quilt
  25. Mini 9-patch quilt, green and white
  26. Lorraine’s mini sampler quilt from class
  27. Carmen Four Patch Posey
  28. Jinny Beyer’s Mirage
  29. American Dream
  30. Elusive
  31. Black. red and white hexagon quilt
  32. Star and tulip applique
  33. Civil War Tribute
  34. Tiny Bowties – leftovers from Bowtie Blues
  35. Bali Zinger
  36. Orca Bay
  37. Cows for Deb

Wow, that is quite a list. I think I have them all, but will add more as I find them just so I can keep track. I am also very tempted to re-purpose some of them, such as number 32, the star and tulip applique. I honestly don’t think I am going to have time for any hand applique this year. Others I know I will not get done this year, such as the CWT quilt and American Dream. Those are going to take quite a bit of work. I may set a goal through the year to get 6 blocks from each done this year which would give me a decent start for next year’s UFO challenge. 🙂


14 thoughts on “2012…. Let’s call it the year of the UFO

  1. I feel your pain since I have 27 (and counting) tops and uncounted WIPs. I’mcleaning and doing an inventory of the projects and I am committed to reduce the number of objects floating around in the room.

  2. I repackaged, culled, deleted, donated, re-stashed lots of my UFOs when I went through them to list. Actually, many were just kits, not even started. And I listed the TBQs (to be quilted) separately. So I’m down to an even dozen UFOs to work on. Feels much better!

  3. Last year I was committed to starting no new projects – it lasted until April – but that was a good amount of time in which I finished up other projects. So I was very happy with it. I think you will be happy with your commitment too. You do have a lot on your list. I’m sure you will accomplish quite a bit and enjoy doing it. Good luck!

  4. Sure it sounds simple–at least it did when I made the same goal for this year! But I think you have a good chance at sticking to it if you make a conscious allowance for your customer work — that is the only thing I see that got in the way of you getting your own projects done. You were a really great leader and inspiration on the Accountability Reports and stuck to it far better than I was ever able to. If you make a generous allowance of time for the customer work and take your own projects one by one, I think you will be real happy with what gets accomplished next year. Good luck!

    And I know what you were thinking with the CWT–its a gorgeous quilt just like Chronicles. Both seemed doable if worked on month to month but those months sure come around quickly don’t they?

  5. I heard the winning bell…I think that’s the biggest list so far. I cheated….I didn’t list every UFO hiding in my house…I’m afraid how high that UFO number might get. Certainly, many on your list are sooooo close! Good luck…this game seems to help with completions.

  6. Bari, I’m right there with you as for as UFO’s. I had 50 listed at the beginning of 2011 and tried to get 1 a month finished with Judy’s UFO push; but, it didn’t happen. I did finish 3 of the 12 I listed. I think you get so much accomplished in addition to your quilting that it amazes me AND with 2 small children to boot! I’m going to do better in 2012 too with no new starts. We’ll see how long that lasts!! 🙂 I know you will do well on your list.

  7. Wow, that is quite list and I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of crossing things off of it! My 2012 list includes a number I didn’t finish from the 2011 challenge but I was rather too ambitious in my goals. This year there are a lot of finished tops to quilt and bind which makes it more doable. Best of luck to you and having that September goal will help a lot, I’m sure.

  8. This is very ambitious, and it’s great that you have it all down. I’ve been trying to decide how to deal with my own, and haven’t come up with my final plan yet. But hey, I still have over a week before 2012 starts! I’ll be checking on you!

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