January UFO projects

Here are the UFO projects I have picked to work on this month in conjunction with my personal UFO challenge and Judy’s UFO Challenge.

This first one is Bowtie Blues and has been floating around my UFO pile since the early 2000’s. I can’t remember the exact date, but all the blocks were completed but not yet put together when I got married in 2003. This is #2 on my list of “Tops Needing Minimal Work”. The interior of the top without the borders is 81 square. I put the blue borders on earlier this week. I had planned another border but found that if I added any more it wouldn’t fit on the bed I am going to use it on. I still need to piece the back and cut out the binding, but it is all in one place and ready for that. I am also planning on doing a panto on this quilt as it will be a utility quilt.

This quilt was started in a Carol Doak paper piecing class in March 2009 that I posted about here. I started quilting it a couple of years ago, but was not happy with the backing I picked out. It is a loose weave fabric (love the colors though!) and the batting kind of pokes through a bit when it is quilted. I put it aside thinking I would rip it all out and use a new back, but at this point, I just want it done! It is on the machine right now and I am working on finishing up the pink areas. I had already quilted 3/4 of one of the stars and done all the SID in black. This quilt is #4 on my “Finished Tops” list.

A third quilt I am “playing” with is my Lancaster Rose top and is #9 on the “Finished Tops” list. I want to determine the quilting design in the white space and get it marked so that it is ready to quilt.

I have also sorted through a few of my tops that are ready to be quilted. I organized batting, made sure I had backing and binding ready, and they are packaged ready to go when I have time on the longarm. My plan is to have one of my quilts hanging around ready to go if there is even a day or two between customer quilts.

These along with the customer quilts I have to do this month will keep me more than busy!


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