Soap and jelly

December was way too busy to post much, but I just have to share my latest batch of soap with you. Before the kids got out of school I made two more batches of soap. I think we are in love with homemade soap! Even The Hunter!

This is the lye solution ready to go. This is also why I don’t make soap with kids or furry animals around….this stuff can be dangerous if it gets on skin or eyes.

This picture shows the fats and oils ready to mix with the lye.  This has some luscious oils such as cocoa butter in it and it made for wonderful soap.

Because of the cocoa butter I didn’t add any fragrance to this batch of soap. It had plenty on its own, but I did marble the soap by mixing in some cocoa in about 2 cups of the soap, then marbling it like you would when making a cake. It added some wonderful color to the finished bars! Sorry I didn’t show you pictures of any of the process, but I think you need a second person to photograph soap making!

These pictures show some of the marbled bars and some of the next batch I made curing.

I should have left it sit out for about three weeks before using it, makes for harder, more mild bars that last longer, but I just couldn’t wait on these marbled bars.

The second batch of plain bars is the same recipe I used on the very first batch of soap I made but with a different scent. These have orange, clove, and cinnamon essential oils and they smell HEAVENLY! I can’t wait to actually use some of them, but I broke into the marbled bars first. With all the nutrients in them, they should be very good for dry skin and so far my skin loves them! I haven’t been using nearly the lotion I normally do this time of year to combat the alligator skin.

Doesn’t that bar look luscious?! The Hunter calls them chocolate chip cookie dough soap because they smell like chocolate chip cookies!

Another thing we did before Christmas break was over was to make peach jelly for Mini-me. He LOVES peach jelly and won’t hardly eat any other kind now, so we had to get it done before school started. PBJs are just not the same without jelly!I think they like to play with the canning utensils more than anything. I kept having to search for what I needed!This was just our first batch. I made another a couple of days later.

Here are the finished jars of jelly! Yum!

5 thoughts on “Soap and jelly

  1. The soap sounds wonderful. Our water is so hard it stands up by itself (not really), so we can use only liquid soap unless we want to deal with a lot of scum!
    I grew up hearing stories of a young child who had been scarred for life by lye left under the kitchen sink. I didn’t realize until I was an adult that the fat used in soap-making neutralizes the lye.

  2. Bari, You are a girl after my own heart! I love all the things you are doing — making soap, jelly, quilting, raising kids to have great memories and outdoor adverntures. You have the good life. I really envy and admire you. That soap looks good enough to eat! I tried making soap once, but that was years ago. Now you make me want to do it again!. Keep up the good work. Dar in Mo.

  3. Bari, you are amazing and teaching you children such valuable skills! I grew up making jelly and other things with my Mom and it was such fun. So, I know you are building more special memories with your children!

  4. Wow! You’ve been busy. If you’re not getting any quilting done, I can see why!
    I always wanted to make my own soap, but just didn’t think I needed to take on another hobby — haha!

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