January Free Motion Quilting Challenge

I came into this one late….lack of time, but I did manage to finish it up before the deadline!  I do quilt on a longarm machine, but believe that lessons can be learned from any quilting method…so here I am!

You can see the tutorial by quilter Frances Moore at the SewCalGal blog. Look at the photos on the blog also – her leaves have some really cool fill designs in them!

Have I told you that leaves are not my favorite things to quilt? Maybe because I don’t think they look perfect enough….which shouldn’t bother me because no two oak leaves I have looked at on the trees in our yard are exactly the same. My perfectionism rearing it’s ugly head!

I actually like the “fat” heart leaves. I think Jamie Wallen calls them baby butt leaves or something like that. (Don’t hold me to that…. It may be a flawed memory of these leaves that I took away from his class!). I tried some flatter leaves also, but really like the rounder leaves better.  I also tried some loops and curls in the upper left corner just for variety.

Hop over to SewCalGal to see what others have posted!


2 thoughts on “January Free Motion Quilting Challenge

  1. great sample of the rounded leaf. I like the rounded leaf also, but mine seem to turn out wonky most of the time. The curl thing is a great elements, great for putting some extra into the quilt design without adding more leaf shape when you don’t have space. Thanks of the idea.

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