January UFO Challenge results – 2 finishes!

Remember this post where I said I wanted to finish two quilts this month? I picked my Spring Stars and another full size bed quilt to work on. As usual, plans changed in the middle of the month and instead of working on the Bowtie Blues bed quilt and having to piece a large back with some small pieces, I worked on a baby girl quilt (#11 of the finished tops list of the UFO page) that was already packaged up and ready to quilt.

This is the quilt. I originally made the quilt top to give to one of our pastors’ wives as she was having a baby girl. Then I found out she hated pale pink and loved the bright dark pinks, so I whipped up something else instead. This top as been languishing now for a couple of years….the baby is now running around!

I decided to try a fairly new panto, Dancing Princesses by MeadowLyon, on the top. I had purchased that panto to use on Munchie’s princess quilt, but she wanted freehand instead so I haven’t had anything to try this on. It included an 8″ row of castles and the 10″ row or princesses, so I put a row of castles at the top, two rows of princesses in the middle, and another row of castles at the bottom. It came out perfectly!

The castles at the bottom are really cool, and you can see the feet of one of the princesses above the castle. I really think this panto would be awesome on a wholecloth for a little girl.

This is one of the princesses reaching for the hand of the princess dancing next to her.

You can see that the binding is on, but not stitched to the back yet. The way my UFOs are right now, if it is quilted, I consider it finished!  Getting my own quilts quilted is the bottle neck in my personal quilting projects. I can do the binding when we have a family movie night in front of the TV.

My Spring Stars quilt was started way back in a class with Carol Doak in March 2009. I have two posts about that class here and here if you want to see more. I began quilting with this post in August 2009 and made it a little way at the time. The batting was bearding through the backing and I was not a happy camper, so in discouragement, I put it aside to get to later….which never came…..until now anyway.

Here it is with the quilting finished (and finished for my UFO challenge!). The binding will get done later in February. I would have had it on today, but I have to make the binding first. That is why from now on as I finish my quilts I am kitting them up with binding, backing, top, and sometimes batting all together.

This quilt has been a challenge and I have learned a lot. I learned I don’t really like paper piecing. Actually, let me rephrase that. I don’t like quilting paper pieced quilts. I didn’t mind the actual piecing much, I just don’t like the humongous lumps on the quilt top from all the seams. I also learned that I put that black inner border there for a reason and that was for the eyes to have a place to rest. Pink swirl quilting did nothing for that purpose and I should have quilted it in black. (It is finished and I am not un-quilting that border!). Overall, it is an okay quilt. I do like the flowers in the centers of the stars and the outside border.

Finished is good.

Two down….and I don’t know how many left to go!

See how everyone else has done on their challenge over at Patchwork Times…..


5 thoughts on “January UFO Challenge results – 2 finishes!

  1. Good for you and way to go! The quilts are great and isn’t it wonderful to have finishes?!

    That’s a panto?!? Wow, that’s a great stitch design and it turns that simple nine patch into something really special. I didn’t know that continuous designs came that intricate. Good to know.

    You’re setting the bar high as usual. January is a lost cause for me but I hope I can do as well as you for February!

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