February UFO projects

I have picked out my February UFO projects.

The first I am working on is my small green and white 9-patch quilt. This is quilt number 28 on my UFO page. This was originally going to be a cover for my dryer in the laundry room and was to be purple, green and yellow. I never made it past the green 3″ finished 9-patch blocks. Well, actually I did. I made two yellow 9-patch blocks. I still need a bunch of purple and more yellow, but I want to be done with it, so I am making it up for my bathroom vanity. The bathroom walls are green and we always keep a hand towel folded in half between the two sinks to put things on and to help keep the counter clean. I have always thought I ought to make a quilt to use there instead of the folded hand towels, so I am going to use this UFO there. I need about a 20″ by 20″ quilt, but I only have enough squares for a 18″ by 20″ quilt….good enough! You will have to wait for pictures of this one.

The second quilt I am working on is Mini-me’s dinosaur quilt. It is number 1 on my UFO list and I had hoped to have it done by the end of December. Obviously I didn’t, and I can’t procrastinate any longer.

This picture shows the dinosaur blocks I am using in the quilt (disregard the 4-patch posey blocks in the upper left hand corner). I actually had a sew day today at a local quilt shop with some friends (much laughter, much fun!) and got most of it put together. I have to add one wide border on one side of the quilt and then a 4″ border all the way around and the top will be done. Mini-me already has the backing picked out, I just need to get it. I have been waiting to find out for sure how big the top is going to end up. I am almost there. I don’t have pictures  of my progress, but will post some later in the week. I may not finish the quilt this month because of my customer quilt schedule, but I will get it done for sure by next month. This month would be a bonus!

The third quilt I have made up my mind to work on is Deb’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden, number 3 on the list. I am ashamed to even say how long I have had this quilt and all I have to do is put the binding on! But all those odd angles…. My mind is made up and I am going to work on this one 15 minutes a day for the rest of the month.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “February UFO projects

  1. Bari, Good luck on your 3 major UFO’s for February. I’m happy just to get one done a month, much less 3 !!! You are ambitious. I have been following your blog for sometime and you have given me inspirations in many areas.
    One of those areas was to start a blog. I’m still new at it, but learning more each time I do a post. I don’t have near as many interesting things to report on as you and most others do, but I am enjoying learning. Stop by and check it out sometime when you have time. Maybe you could offer some suggestions to making it better. Thanks.

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