Carol’s batik quilt & Reva’s sampler

This quilt belongs to Carol…actually, it will go to her daughter, Michelle, but Carol pieced it.

This quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors and they are even better in person. The texture of the quilt is wonderful….

It makes you want to curl up in it and snuggle! By the way, in case you are wondering this panto is by Linda Taylor and is her Feather Meandering.


This is Reva’s quilt. The colors are wonderful and Reva did a great piecing all those blocks with little bitty pieces…and on point too!

I used the panto Waterworld by Jodi Beamish on this and it looks great. Reva is giving this to her brother and his wife for their home. I think they will love it!


One thought on “Carol’s batik quilt & Reva’s sampler

  1. Bari, both quilts are lovely. You did a nice job of quilting them. I have used Linda Taylors pantos a lot, but haven’t seen the Waterworld one. Thanks for sharing. Dar in MO

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