Goings on at the homestead….

This is what I have been working on between being sick and the kids’ days off from school. Nancy’s batik zinger…I am using ferns feathers for the quilting. It will be a bed quilt, so she doesn’t want it too dense.

Saturday while Mini-me, the Hunter, and Grandpa Mike went fishing, Munchie and I worked at Me-ma’s clearing downed trees and brush in the pasture (leftover from the ice storm in 2007!) so the guy that does the brush hogging can get more done. I meant to take before and after pictures but forgot. The clearing involved chainsaws, hand trimmers and lots of stooping over and carrying. I was sore! Afterwards we messed with Breyer some.

She even rode him a little bareback.

Today Mini-me had his first official baseball practice. The Hunter and Big Brother ended up helping some. 

They had both forgotten what it is like to try to teach 7-year olds!

Meanwhile Munchie was exploring and found this in a nearby pine tree.

We live such an exciting life! I love it!


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