February UFO final progress report

I have been making progress on February’s UFOs.

The latest I have worked on is Deb’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. Mind you, I didn’t quilt this, it is from before I got my longarm, but I have had it sitting around here for 9 years waiting for me to get the courage to put the binding on. Isn’t that horrible? Some friend I am…..!

I actually have all the binding machine stitched down to the front and have about half of it hand-stitched already. I should be done with it within the week. Finally. You can’t even begin to imagine how huge a weight this is off my conscience!

I feel I have done really well with all my UFO goals for this month. The first quilt was my small green and white 9-patch (pieced, quilted and bound this month) which now sits on the vanity in my bathroom. The second quilt was Mini-me’s dinosaur quilt. The top is finished and I had really hoped to get it quilted this month, but customer quilts take priority and I have two to finish before I can put Mini-me’s on the machine. I still consider it a finish for the month….The third quilt I wanted to work on was Deb’s GMFG, and as I said before, I am pretty much done with it…just the handstitching while I am watching TV with the kids.

A bonus quilt was putting together the Jelly Roll String quilt from finished blocks to flimsy stage. It is packaged and ready to quilt when I have a free moment or two on the machine. You can see a post about each of the quilts but Deb’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden here if you would like to read more about their finishes.

If you would like to see what everyone else has accomplished on their UFO stockpiles, go visit Patchwork Times!

Overall, a very successful month…but now…what to do in March?


3 thoughts on “February UFO final progress report

  1. Good for you getting a heavy quilt off your conscience! I like the blue you’re using. Love the dinosaur quilt and the mini vanity project. So, you don’t have a #8 on your list?

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