March UFO projects

First I have the “leftover” from last month – Mini-me’s dinosaur quilt. I just couldn’t get it on my longarm due to my customer schedule. That will be number one to finish up.

My potential quilting projects for the month will be to quilt the Jelly Roll String quilt, Bowtie Blues and my Pineapple 4-patch. It would be a miracle if I could get all four of these tops quilted (including Mini-me’s quilt) but these are what I will work toward.

For a piecing project, I think I will work on adding the sashing strips and borders to my Square in a Square First Saturday quilt. Here are the finished blocks.

The pieced borders are finished and still hanging on my design wall so they don’t get stretched out of shape because of the bias edges.

I don’t think it will happen, but if I get the square in a square top done and have time I will work on my 4-patch posey sashing.


I also start one new project this month. I signed up for a class with Toby Lischko on the Glorified 9-Patch six months ago. I am excited about this class and already have a plan for the quilt I want to make. I even have fabrics picked out! Yay!


2 thoughts on “March UFO projects

  1. Bari, You have your work cut out for you in March. Good luck on them. Toby is a very good teacher and a friend of mine. You will have fun and learn a lot. Are you going to her retreat center? Or is she coming to your guild? Either way, it will be fun.

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