Weekend happenings…

Our weekend has been a blur. Here is just a little of what we have been up to.

Saturday morning Munchie, Mini-me, The Hunter and I all went to the big screen premier of Robin Good and His Not So Merry Men by the makers of Veggie Tales. If you have never seen any of these movies, they are wonderful. My all time favorite is the Ballad of Little Joe which is the story of Joseph being sold into slavery and then rising to power, except the setting is the old west. The music is wonderful, especially if you like old cowboy music like I do, and the little twists in the story are great. In this you will find out exactly how the Painted Desert and the Grand Canyon were formed….quite humorous! My other favorites are Moe and the Big Exit (retelling of the story of Moses and the Exodus, again in the old west setting where Little Joe left off) and I adore Larry Boy’s adventures, especially Larry Boy and the Bad Apple.

I also finished up some cleaning I have been doing on my sewing room. It was literally trashed last week.

This is a huge improvement in the cutting area also. This counter top catches anything I need to dump in this room or my longarm area. I also had “confetti” all over the carpet from cutting and trimming strings last week.

While I worked in the sewing room the boys all set up a net and practiced baseball indoors. Really, Big Brother and the Hunter coached Mini-me on batting, catching and throwing and I just didn’t feel it was safe to work on my Gammill with them swinging a bat right behind me. Munchie didn’t either, so she picked out some fabric for the back of a little quilt she made.

The backing will be the dark green with the two stripes on either side. She gets to quilt this on my Gammill over spring break.

For our family entertainment Saturday evening, I borrowed several movies from the library. Recognize these guys?

I can remember loving these movies when I was a kid. We all had so much fun with our Three Stooges movie fest this winter, I thought everyone would enjoy Jerry Lewis and his crazy antics, Oh my gosh! We all were rolling in the floors. I am going to have to get Mini-me’s and Munchie’s laughter on video or tape. It is priceless! I highly recommend Jerry and Dean for good, clean fun (except for a lot of smoking, which was big back then….it is really clean).

I also didn’t remember Dean riding horses, but I guess every good actor back then had to be able to ride.

Munchie worked on another project also….we experimented with coloring on fabric with crayons. We first tried coloring on parchment paper, but couldn’t get it dark enough to transfer to the fabric. I put together a piece of muslin and taped it to an old pressing board and she drew away. I heat set it with an iron today and washed it. Tomorrow we will see if it worked. The thing I don’t like about this is it doesn’t allow for mistakes. Fabric is too expensive to scribble all over and throw away if the design is not just right. We will have to experiment some more. Any advice from those who have experience with drawing on fabric. Notice, if she is not careful she will have as many UFOs as I do!

Mini-me had ball practice again this afternoon and Munchie and I went to pick up a big round bale for the horses. Life at the homestead….


3 thoughts on “Weekend happenings…

  1. Your sewing space looking great, so organised. I love those old movies. I might just have to check out our library to see what they have..

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