Tablet Design Class homework

Here is some of what I have been working on in my tablet design class. 

This is a pantograph I drew up. I even made it with the different colored lines so it would be easier to follow if I actually ever printed it out. Also with the top and bottom partial rows for ease in lining it up when I roll the quilt.

The others are what are called seamless repeat designs, though on occasion mine are not so seamless as they should be.

The inspiration for the scroll in these designs are our kitchen table chair backs. 

Here is another one – 

Another one –

One of the things I learned on these two is that I need to select a larger size brush when doing my tracing. But it was late and I wasn’t going to re-do it!

Here is my zebra seamless repeat design….(can’t leave them out!)

Notice my drawing is darker on this? Also, this one was not quite perfectly seamless….oh, well!

Here are a couple of this week’s lessons – Our assignment was to straighten this in preparation to Quilt Whisper it and also to take out the table on the side.

Here is my straightened quilt with the table cropped out. I always have a pesky lamp in the pictures taken in my sewing room. This way I can take it out, provided I am not too lazy or on a time deadline! : -)

I worked on the photo of my Mariner’s Compass quilt in preparation to work on the design for it. Notice in this original photo that the quilt is so big it hangs on the floor, so that border is distorted. So I rotated it and copied bits of the left border over to the right border.

This gives me a complete, fairly straight quilt top to design with.

Isn’t this fun?


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