Recent customer quilt

Here are some photos of a stack n whack quilt I received to quilt recently. This was a tough one for me as it was made with a patriotic toile fabric. What in the world do you do with that!?

After quite a bit of time, inspiration struck and here is what I came up with.

This is a close up of the quilting in the very center. I repeated the design from the large stack n whack blocks here, but smaller, to give it continuity. The piecer was planning on giving it for a gift, so the quilting was light custom.

This photo shows about a quarter of the quilt, and you can see the border treatment I used. I wanted something really unusual and wanted to continue the circular effect in the outer edges.

This one shows a little more of the quilting.

This one shows the quilting as much as possible in the stack n whack blocks. The fabric was very busy, so it doesn’t show much. The back is the same fabric.

Kay liked the quilt so much she said there was no way she was giving it away, she was keeping it for herself! Can’t ask for a better compliment than that!


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