Some of the reasons we love what we do…

We took a day just for us as a family on Saturday afternoon and took off for the lake, even though there was a threat of storms. We had an incredible, relaxing, wonderful day! We all caught some fish, whether bass or crappie, including Munchie, and we saw some awesome creatures, some of which we don’t get to see much.

The lake was beautiful and the water still enough to have wonderful reflections of the local scenery.

One of Mini-me’s bass.

Another, larger one.

One of the bass Munchie caught all by herself!

The boat is pretty packed with five of us on there!

Here they are bringing one in.

Mini-me caught the big one for the day.

It rained on us just a bit, and in this one cove there were about five turkey buzzards. This one was spreading his wings to let them dry.

Here is more of the scenery in this cove. I love the rock formations!

An osprey flew by us carrying a fish and landed in the branch of a tree near the edge of the water. I took this shot of him with my telephoto. We see osprey and bald eagles fairly frequently at Stockton.

If you look on the left of this picture you can see the osprey had taken off. I have never gotten a decent one of them in flight, and I was lucky to get even this much of him! Absolutely beautiful!

While fishing in another cove we kept hearing a rustling sound in the dry leaves and finally located the source of it. It was this black snake hunting for food. He was probably about 4 feet long and traveled parallel to our boat on the bank for at least 50 yards.

This is what finally scared the snake into hiding. Two of the buzzards were munching on a dead fish at the side of the lake. I think Mr. Snake thought he would be next. I also think this buzzard was pretty proud of himself. He flew over to this boulder and posed for Munchie.

No, the boat isn’t tipping and you aren’t falling over – Munchie took over the camera for a time and she really likes the creative compositions!

Munchie’s self-portrait number 1.

Self-portrait number 2. What in the world was she thinking?

Last but not least, self-portrait number 3. (I never know what is going to appear on my camera when they take over the picture-taking for a while!)

This barred owl was the highlight of our afternoon. He flew in and landed in this tree in the very last cove we fished. He sat there and watched us for 15 minutes, giving us plenty of time to take pictures.

See why we like what we do?


2 thoughts on “Some of the reasons we love what we do…

  1. Great photos! I too love to fish at almost any lake. I haven’t been to Stockton, but it brings back great memories of Lake of the Ozarks when the crowds are not there. We used to spend most of the day just relaxing, fishing and watching nature at it’s best. I didn’t have a good camera at the time, but I still remember many beautiful animals. Lucky you!!

    PS I also love fried crappie!! Sooo good.

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