More PSE assignments for Lysonline

I have completed lesson 4 of my Photoshop Elements 9: The Journey Begins class. I continue to learn so much! Here are some of the images I played with this week.

This first is a vignette of Munchie when she was younger and the background is transparent, or in this case when saved as a jpeg file it is white.

We then had to insert our picture into another for a background. These are not the greatest images…the composition isn’t the greatest and Munchie’s vignette needs to be tweaked. I think I would like an oval or square shape better. I would definitely use a different background behind her, but I learned a lot doing these.

The third assignment was to take a photo of my own and make a reverse black and white image out of it. These were some daffodils in one of the flower beds earlier this spring. I thought the yellow was a wonderful contrast on the black and white background.

I also need to go back and review the other lessons. I already find that I am forgetting some of what I have learned! I really need to play with the program for an hour or so a day to really get comfortable with it.


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