Summer happenings….

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth….just off computer land! We are staying quite busy….

Last week we went to the zoo. At the entry was this gorgeous white peacock strutting his stuff.

He just can’t compete with his more colorful cousins though. 

Aren’t the colors amazing? And to think there is actually no pigment, that it is the reflection/refraction of light! Wow!

This guy was snoozing…behind very thick glass fortunately. I am sure glad we don’t have these guys in our area. Copperheads are bad enough….

I am always amazed at how big these tortoises are. The kids thought it would be neat to sit on one. At least you wouldn’t get bucked off.

This little guy was not a regular “inmate”. He was just visiting and enjoying the bounty the birds were scattering from their cages. He was fairly used to spectators though, as he didn’t move until the kids got within about 6 feet.

We must have missed breakfast, because it was time for this guy’s bath.

He pawed at the water as if testing the temperature….

Then walked right in and lay down!
This was a really cool flower. I am not sure what it is, but the colors and texture are awesome!
This guy was beautiful also, except he looked like he was holding on for dear life.
I can’t leave the post without one picture of the kids…..not at the zoo, but horsing around at home.

Mini-me is trying to squish Munchie…..but that is okay, they are having fun!

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