Hello again!

Hello! I am actually still here, alive and kicking!

The kids are finally back in school and I am starting to get into my routine again. The kids and I have had a wonderful summer and I have done about zero quilting….but we have had swimming lessons, baseball, more baseball, art lessons, movies, gone to the zoo, gone to Fantastic Caverns, and a wonderful vacation in Wisconsin again. I may try to slip in some posts about some of our summer later……but not now. The break has been refreshing, but I just need to get back in the routine of blogging again.

So I am going to start with what I am working on right now.

First – I am doing the Craftsy Quilt of Valor Mystery Quilt-a-long with Alycia of Alycia Quilts. Only two steps have been posted so far on the Craftsy Blog – gathering the fabric and then cutting it. Next week I think we will actually begin to sew.

Here are my fabric choices all cut out and ready to go. 

Alycia is using SewBatik fabrics in red, cream and blue. I followed Alycia’s lead with colors and found fabrics that also read as solids. The  light looks white, but is actually a light cream color.

The other project I am working on now is a small quilt for my local guild. It is made from left over pieces from our raffle quilt for next year, The Piecemakers’ Web. 120 people in our guild contributed pieced strips for this project.

Here is the large quilt that will be raffled off and given away in September of 2013. It is something like 110″ by 94″ and is really beautiful. The quilt was designed by one of our members, Lorraine Olsen of Lorraine Olsen Quilts.  

Pat Capps of Quilts and Things did a beautiful job with the quilting.

And last of all, one of the back of the quilt. It was pieced from several feed sacks with local mills or with a connection to the Ozarks.

Here is the beginning of my small quilt. Three of the webs were left over from the big quilt, the others I pieced using leftovers.

There will be a narrow red border between the body of the quilt and the pieced borders as well as coping strips to get it up to the size I need for the pieced borders. I am doing the pieced borders first so that I know exactly how big the coping strips have to be to make it work with the 1 1/2 inch red border. I still have two more to finish up.

I am also back into working on customer quilts. Here is what is waiting on my machine….

So that is where I am for now.

Hope you all have been doing well!


3 thoughts on “Hello again!

    • It has been wonderful, Alycia! So far, from the blocks turned in, we will have the one huge quilt and three smaller quilts! Plus other smaller projects that will all raise money for the guild.

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