My little quilter!

Friends of the Gardens holds a Butterfly Festival in Springfield every year and for the last two years, my local guild has helped by putting on a butterfly quilt block contest. Munchie loves drawing so much and does wonderful butterflies, so I thought she ought to make a quilt block also. She drew several pictures of butterflies, then picked out the two she liked best.  I took those pictures and scanned them into my computer then printed them out to fit on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. I scaled the butterflies down so they would be square so that we could frame them to make the 12 1/2 inch finished blocks.

Munchie picked out each fabric to frame the blocks, then helped guide the fabric while she sat on my lap at the sewing machine. Here is what we ended up with. 

The contest was the end of June. Munchie was the only child entry and all the rest were grown quilters. I think they were something like 30-40 entries total.

Munchie ended up with 4th place! She was so absolutely THRILLED!

She loved standing by her block and telling people how she made it. She was quite the ambassador and there just may be a youth division next year as many of the kids that came through could be heard saying, “I could do that! Can I enter next year?”


2 thoughts on “My little quilter!

  1. Bari, what a creative little girl you have. I guess she gets it naturally from her mother. Those are beautiful butterflies. I think she deserved higher than 4th place too! I’d like to see what came in ahead of her — her’s are better than any I could do! Congrats to Munchie. Next time I need to make another butterfly wedding quilt, I will have to call on her skills.

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