A night at the ball park

Our church had a get together at a local Springfield Cardinals ball game that included food, playing in the park beside the field, and the ball game. The kids had never been to a professional baseball game so we decided to all make a night of it.

This shows just a few of the folks that came. I think we had 400+ in attendance and it was a beautiful day for it!

The park has some “streams” and water features. This kids had a blast! Many were soaking wet before the afternoon was over.

Munchie really had fun playing on these rocks.

Mini-me had more fun playing this game. It is something like 4-square crossed with volleyball. I am not at all sure how to play this, but Mini-me could tell you ALL about it.

The Springfield Cardinals won the ball game, so we sure couldn’t complain about that. Believe it or not, Big Brother was here also, but we never saw him. He is at the age where he prefers to hang with his buds…where his parents are NOT! 😉

The kids favorite part was the fireworks after the game!


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