I have been busy as always. I finally finished piecing the spiderweb quilt I have been working on.

I am really glad to have this one finished. Now I just need to make the binding, piece the back, and print the label so that it will all be ready to put together next year when I quilt it. (Yes, that was next year! Hopefully sooner in the year rather than later!).

Here is what else Munchie and I have been up to – her pony, Breyer, just wasn’t working out. Leading a kid around on a pony is fun for only a very short period of time (for both the rider and the leader!), so I have been looking for a horse for her and we finally found him!

He is a wonderful, 15-year-old quarter horse gelding that has been a rope and ranch horse….which means he is BROKE! Yay! I think Munchie will be able to just get on him and ride to her heart’s content. We will even be able to ride together, like go on trail rides and stuff! We are also looking at the 4-H riding program….we will see!

You will see more about him later, when we get him home!


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