Long lost blogger….

I am still here and alive, just been super busy! I thought it would slow up some when the kids went back to school, but so far it hasn’t…..We have had a lot going on.

My mom got bit by Munchie’s cat on the ankle about  the time school started and she was down at home for a week and then in the hospital on IV antibiotics for five days, then down at home again. During that time I was over there twice a day to feed horses and check on her. She had all of us pretty scared there for a while. She is better now, but back on another round of antibiotics for some continued swelling in that ankle.

Shortly after that, during the third week of September, was our local guild quilt show. I was one of three people responsible for check-in, hanging, and checking out all the quilts. That kept me very busy for well over a week. I didn’t have any personal quilts done to enter, but did have some customer quilts do well. I am planning on post on those soon.

Munchie and I have been riding and we are really pleased with her new horse, Blaze. Grandma and Grandpa came down from St. Louis to see him. They trail ride quite a bit and often go to Eminence.

Big Brother is playing fall baseball and dealing with being a sophomore in high school. Munchie and Mini-me are both starting 4-H this year. Munchie is doing Hippology (horse knowledge), riding, and also air rifles. Mini-me is signed up for geology and also for air rifles. Hunting season is around the corner and the cold weather sure has us itching to get out in the woods. The Hunter and I have been shooting our bows. I have contacts now, so am trying to figure out how to shoot with one contact set for distance and one for close-up….quite a challenge!

Well, time to get back at it! I had hoped to add some pictures to this post, oh well! But I do plan to post again soon!


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