The Hunter’s deer

The Hunter harvested a really nice buck last weekend behind our house. It is one we had on the trail camera in October chasing a doe….and the one I posted about here that I really wouldn’t mind getting….(Figures! LOL)

Here is the picture from October 23. This is the first time we had seen him on the camera. The other pictures show him, a doe, and probably a young one from this spring. In the photo you can see the neck of the doe in the lower right corner of the picture. She was browsing right in front of the camera.

Here is a photo of his rack. Very nice buck for around here in the suburbs. The Hunter figures he scores around 132 and he has nine points. One was broken off on the left side. This is the Hunter’s best bow deer – except for the 15-point non-typical from last year (that the kids and I saw in October before the Hunter met him in November!).

Mini-me and Munchie got to watch us field dress him. I always give them anatomy lessons while we are at it. The Hunter and Big Brother just roll their eyes, but the kids learn a lot – just doing my job as a mom! 🙂

Mini-me took this photo of me and the Hunter with the buck. You don’t normally get to see me on here, but Mini-me did a fine job with the picture!

Now if only I could get a buck. I am really regretting the one I passed up two weeks ago….


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