Easy Street progress

Easy Street will be my first actual Bonnie Hunter mystery. Oh, I have followed along and lusted after the others, but I am actually going to do this one! Good thing for me that Bonnie said it is not as intensive as the last few have been!

I am sticking with Bonnie’s color choices for the most part. I have made one slight change due to availability in my stash. I had plenty of purples, some lime greens and some teals already, but did have to purchase some more of the teals and limes. You can see the gray I ended up with between the two stacks of fabric. It is actually a little darker than it looks in the picture, but isn’t quite as dark as Bonnie’s.

I have only two black on white fabrics in my stash. One is a fat quarter and one is a piece of yardage about 4 yards long. I was going to use the yardage for my black on white background but when I began working on the first clue’s four-patch units I decided my gray was too light for the black on white print. The contrast just wasn’t right and the black on white overpowered the gray.

Here is my solution, and I like the look of it much better.

I have almost 100 of them pieced. Not too bad considering we had our family Thanksgiving on Saturday and I have a life….and kids…and a hubby…and not much time for “me” quilting stuff.

As an interesting side note, here are two fabrics I have had in my stash for quite a while. The cat fabric on the bottom has been in my stash long enough that it has already been used on the back of a graduation quilt and I still have yards of it left. It is a PERFECT match for the Easy Street colors. The stripe is not quite as perfect. The green in the stripe is more of a “spring green” than “lime green.”

I may use the stripe as bias binding when the mystery is all finished, but I will wait and see how it turns out.

See how perfectly the cat fabric works with the colors?

The colors don’t show quite as well but the greens and teals and purples are a great match. I think this will make a really fun back for the quilt.

To see how easy others are having it on Easy Street, check out Bonnie’s blog and the links posted here.


13 thoughts on “Easy Street progress

  1. Your fabrics are great! How ambitious, to think that you’ll have time for such a project. Haha! I’ll be anxiously waiting to see the finished quilt. Actually, I’m thrilled that you’re doing something for YOU!

    • Shelly, good to hear from you! You are right, I don’t really have time, but am going to MAKE time. I haven’t done something for myself in a looong time so am excited!

    • 🙂 – I thought the same thing on the purrrrfect backing, just didn’t type it! LOL. Thanks, I am looking forward to seeing how the white looks instead of the black on whites.

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head, as they say. I too am contemplating doing this mystery because those are MY colors. I have lots of purples to choose from, but the lime green and blues in that tone are a bit thin. I do like you white substitution for black and white. That’s a great idea. I may have to break down and do this one too, only because I love the colors and want to use up more of my stash! You are really fast with your piecing.

    • Isn’t that cat fabric awesome? I used it for a niece’s graduation quilt that had purples and lime greens in it. She LOVED it and ended up decorating her dorm room in those colors.

  3. Enjoy the mystery, looks like you have some wonderful fabrics to use for it. And I just must say that the minute I saw the cat fabric, I thought “Cool Cats”. I will be watching your blog to see your progress.

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