Munchie’s new wall

We have talked about re-doing Munchie’s room for quite some time. We even purchased a wall mural for the redo last spring. Well, I need the Hunter’s help to put the mural up. First it was too hot and we were too busy with baseball, then it was hunting season. So the mural has been sitting around for ages.

I have a good friend, Kathy, at church who was in my Women’s Bible Study group. She and her husband did home remodels, wall papering, tiling, etc. In other words, any do-it-yourself project she has done before. She offered to help me, and after having to put if off due to sicknesses with kids for several weeks, we finally got together and worked on it this morning.The before wall

Here is the “before” of the wall.   The Hunter just took off the trim at the bottom and is taking out the small nails.  You can see the pile of wall panels under the window.

Panels 4 and 6

Here we have put the upper two center panels up.

new wallHere is the whole wall finished. The mural is up and I will wait a day or so for it to dry totally before I trim it to size near the ceiling and before I put the trim back on the bottom.

KathyHere is Kathy in front of the panel. She is a wonderful teacher, and I know now I could almost put another one of these up myself…if I had four arms and an eight foot wingspan! Putting those top panels up (there were 8 panels total) took someone holding them up and another person to assist in matching the prints and getting them lined up correctly.

Kathy got here at 9:00 this morning, and we were totally done by 12:30, so not too bad. I bought her lunch as a thank you and we had a wonderful morning and meal.

I thought the wall turned out AWESOME, and it looks so realistic! I do believe Big Brother and Mini-me are going to be jealous!

Thank you so much for your help and friendship, Kathy!

Next step – paint colors!



2 thoughts on “Munchie’s new wall

  1. WOW, that is some mural. It does look real. I’d be afraid if I woke up in the middle of the night that I was in the woods with the deer staring at me! Hope there are no night owl sounds that go with this mural. It could keep one awake all night long. You did a great job of putting it up.

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