Candy on Saturday…..

Today the kids and I are making candy (or trying to!)

We made home-made marshmallows from Barb Vlack’s famous recipe.

So far these are delicious!Marchmallow

Barb recommends that you taste test often for quality control purposes, and we have been!

They have been dusted with powdered sugar and now are waiting to set up more so that we can cut them into cubes.Marshmallows in the pan


We made turtles – or rather, I should say Munchie and Mini-me made a whole herd of turtles!Kids making turtles

First a layer of chocolate with pecan legs, heads, and pretzel tails.First layer

Then a layer of home-made microwave caramel.With caramel

Then the last layer of chocolate. Funny how some of them are hiding their heads, some have no tails…….Last layer

Hmmm, these look GOOD! Turtle

We also made pretzels with Rolo candies melted on top. Pretzel candyI am sure these have a name, but I have no idea what the name is. See those holes in the tray? Taste testing….

Pretzel candySome have pecans and some don’t. Mini-me doesn’t like pecans, so we did more without than we did with.

We still have more home-made caramels to make, Vanilla Oreo Balls, butter mints, and some other stuff, but I am plumb bushed for the day!


One thought on “Candy on Saturday…..

  1. Yummy. Those look so good!! I’d like to order a dozen turtles and pretzel rolos with pecans, please. 🙂
    Do you take credit??? When I was younger I used to make up lots of good things like this too. What a joy to be able to teach your kids the fun things in life. They look like they are enjoying themselves. I’m getting ready to continue working on Step 2 of Easy Street. Bonnie said it was easier than the last 2 she did, but there is still a lot of cutting and sewing!

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