My Easy Street progress

The guys have been getting up at 2:30 in the morning to go duck hunting. By the time the Hunter is gone all day, he is pretty much ready for bed about 7:30 PM when the kids go to bed. I haven’t been getting a lot done because of it, so decided to revise my schedule a little. I am now getting up at 4:00 AM and taking my shower, then going down and sewing for a couple of hours before the kids get up.

I have worked on a couple of customer quilts and will show pictures of those later. I have also spent some time on Easy Street, Bonnie Hunter’s current mystery, as I am behind on the steps.

Easy Street progress

I now have 130 of the 4-patches done from Step 1. The rest of the strips and 4-patch units are in this picture ready to finish up. Closest to the machine needle is a stack of the flying geese units from Step 2. The rest of those are cut out and ready to put together.

I haven’t even started Step 3 as I was afraid if I cut all the units out I would get them mixed up with all the cut out units I have from Step 2. Step 3 will come later this week!


One thought on “My Easy Street progress

  1. I don’t know how you get up at 4 am. It’s easier for me to just stay up until 2 or 3 am.! I’m with you on waiting until I finish step 2 before cutting out Step 3. Everyone’s flying geese units look so much bigger in the pictures than mine do in real life. I’d better measure them — would hate to find out I was making them too small.

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