Listen to your machine when it talks to you….

Bad goosey, goosey….

Bad goosey


Actually, it is more like bad quilter. Last night I was working on some of my flying geese units and my sewing machine started making a funny sound. I didn’t have much left, so I pushed on and finished.

This morning I was prepping them to sew to the other goose unit when I noticed the seams on the right.Bad seam

See the close up? Not good tension at all! Fortunately there are only about 10 of the lame geese.

I had way too much lint in the bobbin area. Rethreaded everything, oiled and cleaned and am good to go! Bottom line, listen to your machines when they talk to you, ladies!



2 thoughts on “Listen to your machine when it talks to you….

  1. Bari, You were lucky that you only had 10 to redo. I started cutting Step 3 today and for some reason put all the strips facing up and cut all 128 pairs!! Of course, just as I was finishing, I realized that they were ALL facing the right side, Now I have 64 extra wings and have to cut more for the other side. This does not make me a happy camper. Being behind is no fun, and now I’m really farther behind. Oh well, good thing there is no penalty for being behind.

  2. Oh, Dar! I have done that exact same thing before! No fun at all. Should we hope that we will use them in one of the next steps? LOL

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