Detoured from Easy Street…

I have been derailed from Easy Street. Sure I am in the middle of trying to make Easy Street a flimsy, but my 92-year-old grandmother fell and fractured her femur a couple of days before Christmas. After surgery and a short stay in the hospital, she is now in one of the local nursing homes for rehab.. I have been going up to visit her on weekdays and noticed that all the patients have quilts on their beds. Nice, serviceable, tied, nothing-fancy quilts.

I thought to myself, “Self, I quilt. Why doesn’t my grandma have one of my quilts while she is in here?”

Good question! So I got to thinking and Grandma’s favorite color has always been blue. I don’t have any blue quilts finished up, but I do have one flimsy that is a UFO and on my list to finish. Problem is, the current size is too big for a hospital bed.

Yesterday I got it out and took a good look at it.

Bowtie Blues

Meet Bowtie Blues, #17 on my UFO list.

Here is my plan – I am going to remove the borders, take two rows out of the middle with the most yellow, and sew it back up. If it needs a little more size I will add the narrow blue borders again. I would like to get this quilted by this weekend, then bind it over the weekend. Definitely NOT an easy way to do it, but quicker than making a quilt from scratch and it will get one of my UFO’s off the list!

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Detoured from Easy Street…

  1. Bari, That is an excellent idea and the quilt is beautiful. You were lucky you had a UFO in your stack that was mostly blue. I love it when things work out right!! Your grandma will surely feel special when she receives it too.

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