Some quilting

I will show you some of what I have been up to lately…the kids were home on break until Monday, so it hasn’t been much as far as quilting goes!

The first thing I attempted was Shelly’s Final Countdown for 2012. Task 1 was to find one of your UFO’s and do something about it. I did. I got out what I call my Pineapple 4-Patch and loaded it up on my longarm and started quilting. It will be a wall hanging, so I thought I would use two batts for added definition to the quilting. I basted it down and started the SID …. and HATED it! It was way too poofy…..I LOVE this top, so didn’t want to go there at all! I pulled it off the machine and began ripping it out while watching TV with the family.

Guess who wanted to learn to frog stitch? Munchie frog stitching

Munchie did a great job!Frog stitching

She is a lefty, just in case you hadn’t noticed. Actually, she is ambidextrous and does quite a bit right handed also! We finished that job and I got it back on the machine and basted down….AGAIN.

About that time, Shelly’s Task 2 came out. This time we were supposed to clean up one pile. Glad she didn’t say more than one. I would have never gotten it done or even attempted to start it!

Shelly's challenge

Here is the one little pile I picked out from the numerous in my sewing area. Have I mentioned that it is the catchall for everything? Have I also mentioned it is right next to the room where we store all the hunting gear? Have I mentioned hunting season is in full swing and the hunting stuff strays out into the area I quilt in? I refused to take a picture of the rest of the room at this point! LOL

I actually cleaned this one little pile up and PUT THINGS AWAY!

Cleaned up pileHere is the chair now.

Hilary's blocksThese blocks were in the pile. They came from Hilary in Texas. She was so tickled with the quilting I did on her quilt (see the pictures here) that she sent me the leftover blocks in the mail! I was so tickled because I really loved the way Hilary’s quilt came out. I even have a plan for these! You will have to stay tuned over the next couple of months to see what I am doing. Can’t wait to work on it!

Shelly’s Task 3 was to pick a project to work on that was just for me. That one was EASY….LOL…. EASY STREET, that is. I had gotten up at 4 AM that morning because the guys left then to go hunting. I worked on Easy Street for three hours before the kids got out of bed! Yay me! I even commented on her blog that instant because I had already worked on it!

Good thing I commented then, because I never had a chance to get back on the computer to comment on the other two tasks or to post about any of the stuff I had been working on. My one little Easy Street comment won for Task 3 on her final countdown wrap-up! I hadn’t even realized she was doing prizes…LOL. I am SO out of it lately!

Thanks, Shelly, for the wonderful prizes, and especially the incentive to get something done!


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