More decluttering

Basement closet

I really wish I had taken a before picture of this closet. It was a disaster and you could barely get into it. This is where we store all the Christmas stuff and decorations, and other decorations. It is also where all the clothes we have been given for the kids go when they are still too big. All Big Brother’s clothes are in here as well as other clothes we have been given. The card table we use for family gatherings is here as well as a few toy items.

I went through the  clothes and found a whole, large laundry basket of stuff the kids can wear now. I also put everything in clear containers so I would know exactly what is in what.

Much better.

tackThis is a picture of another two projects for this winter. I need to clean and oil all my tack, including my saddle and Munchie’s saddle. The box and container in the foreground need to be sorted through and some stuff gotten rid of. The box on top contains country music CDs that I don’t listen to anymore and will be getting rid of. The bottom container has memorabilia from my stay in Germany and some of the kids’ baby stuff.

I will get to them a little at a time!


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