2013 Finish-A-Long

I have decided to join up with Leanne from she can quilt for the 2013 Finish-A-Long since I am focusing on UFOs this year again anyway. Hopefully this and Getting It Done will help!

I have to list what I want to do during the first quarter of this year so here they are!

  1. Finish Grandma’s Bowtie Blues – see the post here. This quilt was started in 2000 as far as I can tell. It was way before I got married as I think I had gone through a couple of revisions of it at that time. It actually started out as two twin quilts, then I combined them into one long after I got married, now I am re-making them into a size to fit a hospital bed.
  2. Pineapple 4-patch (seen here on the machine but now off and on hold for Bowtie Blues!) – This was started in a class a couple of years ago at our guild. I will find the exact date and post it here.4-patch pineapple
  3. Finish my Alycia/Kimmy Craftsy Mystery QOVCraftsy Mystery QOV
  4. Finish the OPQG Spiderweb string quiltOPQG Strings
  5. JoAnne S’s QOV top (Edited on 1/19/2013: I looked for this top this morning to prepare to put on the machine and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked back through my records and found that I had quilted it on May 2, 2012, and that it is currently at a friend’s house to be bound! Obviously, this is no longer a UFO that needs to be finished, by me anywy, so I am going to substitute Easy Street for this one on my Finish-A-Long list as I really want Easy Street totally finished by April!) JoAnne's QOVEasy Street Easy Street B's
  6. 2010 First Saturday – French2010 First Saturday top finished
  7. Ann H’s BOM QOV top –Ann's BOM QOV
  8. My Mystery QOV (that I don’t currently have pictures of the whole quilt but here are some parts – I had totally forgotten about this UFO!)More mystery QOV

I will add a picture of my Mystery QOV when I get the pictures taken! UPDATED 1/14/2013 – here is the picture of the whole top – Mysery QOV

Go see what everyone else has up their sleeves for the first quarter of 2013 over at she can quilt!


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