January Recipe #2 – Mexican Villa Burritos Enchilada-Style

We tried my second recipe for the month this evening. One of the Hunter and my favorite restaurants in Springfield is Mexican Villa. We often went there when we were dating and “PK” (pre-kids). The Hunter always had a burrito enchilada-style and I always had the Sancho enchilada-style. Well, I had a half order anyway, those things are huge and AWESOME! 🙂

I thought I would see if I could find a make-at-home version of those favorites, and I was able to find this copy-cat at A Fridge Full of Food. We used ground deer meat instead of beef, and four burritos served the entire family, even with two really hearty appetites. Munchie and Mini-me even ate them!

I forgot to get a picture but they were awesome. Not exactly the same as the real Mexican Villa, but close and really good.

Just a little word of warning though, one half of one of these has a whopping 594 calories, and that is with reduced-fat cheese, lean ground beef, and fat-free refried beans!


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