Goodies in the mail!

I received a squishy package in the mail today and it was from Shelly over at Prairie Moon Quilts! I was one of the lucky winners in her Final Countdown for 2012 – you can see what I posted about the countdown here.

Shelly has had a bit going on in her life over the last couple of months…two moves, a sick cowboy, renovating a house, plus continuing to work and quilt. She is a TOTAL wonder woman to do everything she does! Shelly is an awesome friend and quilter, she is absolutely hilarious and often has me rolling on the floor with her reports on her family and her cowboy. She likes horses, cattle, farm life, critters, and quilting. I think we are really sisters that were separated at birth or something….

Anywho, each winner received six fat quarters, two patterns, and a pattern of our choice from Shelly’s shop. Here are my goodies!



Aren’t those fat quarters awesome? I have a scrap quilt in the works that those will fit in with very nicely!

Here are the patterns.


“Boots All Around” by June Jaeger. Aren’t those boots cute? (Got to tell you though, I sure like Shelly’s boots better!).

Charm Parade“Charm Parade” by Cindy Wiens to use with charm packs. I have a whole bin of 5″ charms, so could go to town with this one!

Welcome bannerThis last one is Shelly’s “Welcome” banner and I just love it! This was the one I chose from her shop….I was really tempted by the boots and a couple of the full size quilts, like the Prairie Moons and Stars or the Scrappy Wild Geese. In the end common sense won out and I opted for something small that I could reasonably finish. Plus I think the Welcome banner would look awesome hanging by the front door as folks step up onto the porch!

Thanks so much for the wonderful prizes, Shelly!



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