Get it Done – March

I can’t believe it is March already! I just looked and I haven’t posted since February 1!

I have been very busy….my mother had hip replacement surgery on February 14 so I have been helping her out plus feeding horses twice a day at her place. Then the following week we had the dreaded stomach virus run through the house, so I spent a couple of nights up with kids in the bathroom getting way too intimate with the toilet. Then we have had a couple of snow days plus two more days of scheduled no school. All that to say, I knew I wouldn’t have much quilting time this month….and I didn’t!

Here is what I had lined up for last month:


  1. Bind Clark’s quilt – DONE!
  2. Finish quilting and binding on 4-patch Pineapple quilt – Quilting done
  3. Finish piecing and borders on Easy Street – piecing done
  4. OPQG Spiderweb string quilt – not done
  5. Quilt Ann H’s QOV – almost finished
  6. Quilt my Mystery QOV – not done

I finished up the binding on Clark’s quilt last night and the piecing on the main part of Easy Street the afternoon before.

Easy Street

I have part of the narrow first border on and have the fabric picked out for the outer border. Inspiration struck after a couple of days of looking at it and not being sure what fabric to use!Easy Street border fabric

I decided on this blue/teal fabric that has been in my stash for quite a while. I bought it originally to use as a border for my Bowtie Blues quilt before I decided to make it smaller. I first tried my cat fabric that you see at the bottom of this picture.

Cat fabric with others

I didn’t like the colors in the cat fabric with the top – the greens made it all too “green-y” if that makes sense. I put the teal fabric down to compare and much preferred the darker look. I will use the cat fabric for part of the backing.

The quilting on my 4-patch pineapple quilt is done, but I am debating on the binding. I am thinking of adding piping to it as the outer border is black and binding will be black also. I think it would add a spark to the finished quilt, but don’t know if I am ambitious enough to add the piping or if I would just rather get it done.

Quilted 4-patch pineapple

I haven’t cleaned the chalk off the top yet, so you still see faint lines from the white chalk where I quilted feathers in the outside border and the center diamond. The rest is stitched in the ditch.  Here’s a funny one – while I was quilting it I noticed that I trimmed two different strips wrong while making the blocks. There are two strips that are wider than they should be and two that are too narrow. I never noticed it while making the blocks or piecing the top! Just goes to show that I am definitely NOT perfect!  🙂

Ann H’s QOV is on the machine and should be done today. I will pass it on to someone else to finish up the binding.

I don’t have pictures of Clark’s quilt yet. I like to wait until it is washed. I will get those and pictures of Ann H’s QOV up sometime this week or the first of next week.

So, what do I need to get done this month?


  1. Label Clark’s quilt
  2. OPQG Spiderweb string quilt
  3. Bind 4-patch pineapple quilt
  4. Finish borders on Easy Street
  5. Quilt Easy Street
  6. My mystery QOV quilted

That is plenty for this month. The kids are out of school for an entire week for spring break this month, so I won’t get any quilting done that week….I also know I won’t get everything on the list finished either!

Hop on over to Patchwork Times to see what every one else has been up to!


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