Mechanical failure…..

Isn’t that the way things work?

Here is where I am now –Break down

The main off/on toggle switch for my 2001 Gammill went out on me this afternoon while working on Ann H’s QOV. Since it is probably the original switch that isn’t too bad for longevity, however, there are no spares to be had here in town. I called Gammill and have two on the way, but they won’t be here until mid to late next week.

I took my broken part to Radio Shack to see if we could come up with anything that might work and found a switch that might do it. The Hunter and I will tackle it this weekend to see if we can get it up and running.

Figures…. 😦


3 thoughts on “Mechanical failure…..

  1. Bummer. Let me know how that Radio Shack fix works because my Gammill has not had any parts replaced and it probably will happen to me too. Best to be prepared when it does. Sorry you had to have it happen while doing a customer quilt. Hope it’s not down too long.

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