Snow days…

We finally have had some snow here. We were out of school two days…one Thursday the 21st (for ice) and then last Tuesday for snow and ice.IMG_9103

Here is the view from the back porch when we woke up Tuesday morning. It was GORGEOUS! A beautiful, wet, heavy snow.


We had to venture outside of course. We played for about three hours and the kids built snow forts while I took some photos.

Mini-meMini-me ready to take on Munchie and me.


Munchie was more interested in making a large fort.

Green sprouts

Here are some plants that had begun to come up. I think these are daylilies.

Winter from the tree stand

Recognize this view? It is the same one as in my header, just a different season. This is the view from my tree stand. It was so pretty and quiet!

berriesI thought these little berries covered with snow and ice were pretty.


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