Quilt progress & Finish it up Friday

Well, you can call it progress… or not. My machine is still not up and running. I haven’t had time to work on it with everything else going on…plus I just got the part in yesterday. Oh well. Hopefully I can work on it this morning!

Meanwhile I have gotten a few other things finished. Here is what I have been up to on the actual quilt front:

Easy Street with bordersEasy Street is a flimsy! I love this top and am so glad I used white for the backgrounds instead of the black on whites that Bonnie used in her original. Finished size is 102″ by 102″, just a little larger than Bonnie’s. I am working on piecing the back and should be done with it soon.

Clark's quilt

As you can see, Clark’s quilt has been washed and will be going home to him soon. I really like this quilt and am tickled with the way it turned out.

Clark's star

This was quilted in the ditch with a wool batting and fleece for the back.Clark's binding

As you can see, the fleece back and wool batting make for a very full binding! It is round, not flat at all!

The next two quilts aren’t actually mine. The first, this yellow string quilt, was made with leftovers from our 2013 guild opportunity quilt. I posted about that quilt here, and we just found out the original quilt, The Piecemakers’ Web, was juried into Paducah. We are so excited!

String quilt

Meanwhile this lap quilt will be raffled off within our guild for the next few months and will go to one lucky winner. There are quite a few fabrics there that are from my stash and I recognize fabrics from others. I just picked this quilt up this week. Peggy T. did the binding and labeled it and I am just holding it until the next meetings and until it can go home to its new owner.

JoAnne's QOVPeggy also had this next quilt to bind. The top was donated by JoAnne S. from our quild and was destined for a QOV. I did the quilting last summer and gave it to Peggy to bind (funny story – I had forgotten I quilted it last summer and had already given it to Peggy to bind. I put it on my 2013 First Quarter Finish-A-Long list and went to find it to quilt…and couldn’t!) . When I got it back Monday the first thing I did was to stick it in the washer before I put a label on it.

Unfortunately that was a big mistake. I think perhaps the gal who made the top didn’t prewash the fabrics and the red bled into the white on about 1/2 – 2/3 of the quilt. It was a UFO for her and could have been who-knows how old, and I had it for a year before I got it quilted. I am sure that doesn’t help. I have now washed it a couple of times trying to get the red out, but it hasn’t shown much progress yet.


The damage doesn’t show well here, but the red is pretty obvious in person. You can probably see that a lot of the white has a definite pink cast to it. I may try washing it again three or four times and see what that does. Otherwise it will end up going to a different home. I just don’t feel right giving a damaged quilt to a veteran for his service, however, I am sure I will find someone else to gift it to.

The other big finish for me this week is that my business taxes are totally done, which is a great feeling as the Hunter has been waiting on me. Does that count for a Finish it up Friday? 🙂

Hop on over to Amanda Jean’s at Crazy Mom Quilts to see the rest of the Finish It Up Friday posts!


6 thoughts on “Quilt progress & Finish it up Friday

  1. I can only imagine what you must have felt when you saw the red had run. I don’t know if it will wash out, but with tedious effort and steady hands, you might be able to neutralize the stains, but it would be difficult with the red squares being so close to the stains.

  2. Bari, I love your finished ES top. Question — what is the fabric you used on the last border. It looks great and I too like your all white in place of the blacks and whites. On the bleeding red quilt, did you wash it with Synthrapol? It usually takes out any fabric running along with a color catcher sheet in the washer.

  3. Hey, Bari. Thanks for the mention on the Opportunity Quilt. I did bind it and put the first label on it. But… the printer fabric was so stiff that Joan graciously volunteered to redo it! She said she put a border on the label the second time around! So, be sure to give her credit for the label whenever you talk about this quilt!

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