Some finishes: 4-Patch Pineapple and Clark’s label

I finished up the 4-Patch Pineapple quilt this week.  I had the quilting done in February, but had to add the sleeves and the label.

4-patch pineappleI hung it in a little alcove in the bathroom, actually over the toilet. This picture isn’t the best in that it doesn’t look square, but it actually is. The dowel rod holding it up needs to be a smidgen shorter as it is stretching the top edge of the quilt.

Each of the pineapples were stitched in the ditch and I feathered the black borders using a deep burgundy thread.

Quilting - 4-patch pineapple

Here is one of the center sections of the outer border.

corner quilting

Here is how I finished out the corners. It took some drawing and quite a few different versions before I settled on how I wanted the feathers to lay in these odd-shaped corners and also the little indents on the side.

center - 4-patch pineappleThe center had even more feathers of course! This is a finish for my first quarter 2013 Finish-A-Longover at Leanne’s she can quilt as well as one of my Get It Done goals for March.

I also finished up the label for Clark’s quilt, another Get It Done goals for this month. I blogged about the quilt here, and here it is finished, washed, and labeled. You can see the label on the lower left edge of the back.

Clark's quiltThis will be going home to Clark tomorrow. I hope he enjoys snuggling in it!


4 thoughts on “Some finishes: 4-Patch Pineapple and Clark’s label

  1. Your quilting is gorgeous on the pineapple quilt. What type of thread do you like for free motion quilting? Also, the pattern of Clark’s quilt is great for a man. Well done.

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