2013 Finish-A-Long first quarter recap and another finish

First I am going to show you my last finish for the first quarter of the 2013 Finish-A-Long. This quilt was inspired when I quilted the actual mystery quilt for the customer who was putting on the mystery for a local quilt shop. I fell in love with the quilt and thought it would look great as a  QOV. This was number 8 on my First Quarter FAL list.

Mystery QOV

I had even forgotten I had it until early January, but it was packed in a package with binding, backing and top all ready to quilt. How convenient is that?!

Square Spiral

I actually quilted this one right after quilting my Easy Street and used the same Square Spiral panto on it. I really love the texture it gives to this quilt, probably even more than how it looked on my Easy Street. I put the binding on with my longarm before I took it off the machine and it is now more than halfway hand-stitched down. I am not counting the hand-stitching  part in the FAL because that gives me something to do on nights we are sitting watching movies with the kids. The binding may not be done by tonight (the evening of March 31st) but it will be done in the next couple of days.

First Quarter FAL Recap

It has been a busy three months and I am very tickled with what I have accomplished. Here was my original post with what I wanted to get done and the details of each.

But here is the low-down:

  1. Grandma’s Bowtie Blues – DONE
  2. 4-Patch Pineapple – DONE
  3.  Alycia/Kimmy Craftsy Mystery QOV – not touched
  4. OPQG Spiderweb Strings – in progress
  5. Easy Street – DONE
  6. 2010 French First Saturday – not touched
  7. Ann H’s QOV – DONE
  8. My Mystery QOV – DONE (see above!)

You can click on DONE above to go to the finished post for each quilt. Actually I don’t think 5 out of 8 is too bad! I had hoped to get the OPQG quilt done, but that just didn’t happen. My deadline is the middle of April, so it will now HAVE to happen!

Go see what everyone else has up their sleeves for the first quarter of 2013 over at she can quilt!


2 thoughts on “2013 Finish-A-Long first quarter recap and another finish

  1. This is a lovely quilt, as are your other finishes. I have links for 3 of your 5 finishes, I am hoping you can link the other two posts so that I can give you all 5 entries into the prize draws. Let me know if you are having any problems linking and thank you for joining the FAL.

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