2nd Quarter 2013 Finish-A-Long goals

School will be over soon and the kids will be home all the time, so I know I won’t get done what I accomplished last quarter. I am going to keep it fairly simple for this quarter.

Here is my list for the second quarter:

  1. OPQG Spiderweb quilt – left over from last quarter, but it has a deadline so this is a must do.OPQG Strings
  2. Mariner’s Coins – I love this quilt and would love to get it finished!The Mariner's Coins top
  3. 2010 French First Saturday quilt2010 First Saturday top finished
  4. 2011 First Saturday quilt2009 First Saturday quilt
  5. Dinosaur quilt – This was originally going to be Mini-me’s quilt, but he has quite outgrown the dinosaur phase. I will get this quilted up and give it away as a gift and make him something more appropriate.Mini-me's dinosaur quilt

That is all I am going to put on the list for this quarter, and probably won’t even get this much done, but anything is better than nothing! 🙂

Skip on over to she can quilt to see what other folks have up their sleeve for the next three months!


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