2013 Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Bed quilt

This next quilt I have for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival isn’t fancy. It won’t win any prizes. Other folks in blogland have one just like it or close to the same.

But this one is mine. Easy Street on my bed

Meet Easy Street…on my bed.

A little of the back story on this – I have been quilting since probably 1998 or so and have had my long arm since 2007. I have made tons of quilts for babies, family members, weddings, graduations, and comfort. I have numerous unfinished bed-sized tops on my UFO list, but nothing finished and nothing that I could put on my own bed.

You know those posts that read, “What do you have on your bed?” and then you were supposed to tell about the wonderful quilt you have on your bed right now. I could never partake in those because the comforter on my bed was store bought and actually was left with my husband (still in the bag, never used) when his ex-wife left him. Now tell me, what is there to brag about in that?!

Easy Street with bordersWhen Bonnie Hunter announced last winter’s mystery, Easy Street, I loved the colors and decided I would join in. It helped that she said this wouldn’t have the gazillion pieces that previous mysteries had. So I stuck with it and actually got this one finished, quilted and bound!

It finished at 103″ by 103″. I used wool batting and quilted it with the Square Spiral panto by Keryn Emmerson.

Easy StreetNothing fancy. Not a prize winner or show quilt, but definitely a winner in my home!

Jump on over to Amy’s Creative Side and see what everyone else has entered in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!


9 thoughts on “2013 Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Bed quilt

  1. It is a winner because it’s yours and you will love it and use it! And you’re way ahead of those of us that haven’t tried a Bonnie quilt yet.

  2. Definitely worth celebrating, the ex’s comforter is gone!! And not a gazillion pieces? Seriously? It looks like there is! I’m not familiar with this pattern, it looks great!

  3. I love blue and green. My first finished top was a blue and green project. And, yep, it isn’t quilted. I’ve had too many others sneak in before that one. Someday… I love the pattern too. Tempting. You did a great job on it. And oooh, wool batting sounds oh so warm.

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