This blogger has been missing in action…

I have been missing in action! I haven’t posted  in over a month, haven’t had time to keep up with everyone’s blogs….and have still been just plain BUSY!

We have been having a great summer, even though it has been late with all the rain. The rain has been a blessing as we had drought conditions the last couple of years. This year has been so wet it has been hard to get hay up or gardens in….

Munchie and I planted strawberries last year and those did pretty well, but just when most of them were ripe we got a deluge of rain that ruined them. It is almost like the strawberries absorb any extra water and then rot right on the plant. That was a big bummer for Munchie, though we did get one strawberry pie from them.strawberry bed

My tomatoes are doing great. I have 31 heirloom plants out that I raised from seed starting in February. I have 19 Rose Beauties, 3 Outhouse cherries, 4 Mortgage Lifters, 2 Butler Skinners and 3 Kellogg’s Breakfast. I put in so many Rose Beauties because they have done fantastically in the past in our hot, dry, humid summers. We will have to see how they do with all the moisture this year.

Retaining Wall bed

This is the bed up by the house and the photo is from back in mid-May when I was finally able to plant them. Lower raised beds

Here are the raised beds. As you can see, these are in shade part of the time also. I am very limited on sunshine here!

Baseball is in full swing for both Mini-me and Big Brother. Mini-me is on a new team this year and we are really tickled with the way it is going. This one is coached by about four of the fathers and they are very interested in the boys learning the basics, not in winning at all costs. They also pray before and after each game and emphasize sportsmanship. Good all around!

Mini-me attended a Dick Birmingham Baseball camp and Big Brother worked it. Big Brother has been going to Birmingham’s camps since he was Mini-me’s age. This is a picture of Mini-me, Birmingham, The Hunter, and Big Brother. This is the last year Dick is coaching which is a bummer…..the Hunter and Big Brother have learned so much from him!Birmingham and the boys

My grandmother, my Dad’s mom, passed away early this month also. She was 93 and had fallen back at Christmas, fracturing her hip. She had lived on her own, still driving and taking care of herself, until the fall. After the fall, she was in the hospital then a nursing home. She never did get up on her own after that. I think she gave up the will to keep on dealing with the pain and with life. She is finally with Grandpa in heaven and has no more pain. The funeral and services were up in Iowa, so we had a chance to see family we don’t get to see very often.

Extended family

Fishing has been in full swing also. We have been both crappie and bass fishing and also have caught some bonus walleye along the way.

the Hunter and Big Bro

Mini-me with bassThis is Mini-me with one of his bass.

Big Brother and crappieThis is Big Brother with his 14″ crappie. He and the Hunter kicked the crappies’ behinds on this day. They got a limit of big boys!

Big Bro and the HunterMunchie on the other hand can really take or leave fishing, but with the cold, wet spring she wasn’t able to start swimming until recently. She hangs out at the back of the boat while the rest of us fish.Munchie swimming

We have also started riding horses this week, though I have been lax and haven’t taken any photos of that.

Well, time to get back to work. I hope to post some pictures of quilts I have been working on over the last month….I actually have two of my 2013 2nd Quarter Finish-A-Long projects done….just haven’t done the posts yet!


One thought on “This blogger has been missing in action…

  1. Looks like a full filled summer so far. I don’t have any veggies planted this year. Your tomatoes will be delicious and welcome in a few weeks I’m sure. Wish you were closer (in case you had too many) ha ha. I’m up to my eyebrows in customer quilts, so no garden here.

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