Morning rides….

We have been riding in the morning while it is still cool.

SpinnerThis is my mare, Spinner. I raised her from a foal and absolutely love her. She bowed a tendon in February and has been up in the barn in “rehab”. Exercise was limited and she couldn’t be turned out for fear she would hurt it even worse. We normally get her up in the spring anyway because she gets fat on air and is prone to founder on the spring green grass. End result is that she has been on a wonderful diet. Normally she weighs 200-250 pounds more than this – so heavy that across the top of her back it is flat and won’t hold a saddle upright. I always had to cinch the girth up very tight so the saddle wouldn’t slide off the side (not good when you are on a horse!). As a result, she hated being saddled and would pin her ears and bite at me.

She now has withers! I don’t have to cinch her up tight at all, the saddle stays in the middle of her back, and we are both so much happier. She didn’t even pin her ears when I saddled her this morning. Woo hoo!

munchie&blazeMini-me went with us and took photos while Munchie and I were warming up the horses. Here is Munchie leading Blaze around before getting on him.

MunchieMini-me took this one, too. Isn’t it cute?!Our shadow

I took this one of Mini-me, Spinner, and my shadows. We only have two horses to ride, so Mini-me and I ride Spinner double.

Mini-me and Spinner


Mini-me talks pretty much non-stop. Here you can see Spinner’s ears pointed back at him. I just know she was wondering if he would ever be quiet!

drinking waterSpinner and Blaze at the water bucket. We worked up quite a thirst!Munchie and Blaze

We had fun, and of course, Mini-me is always looking for bugs and he found this huge moth on the side of the round pen.moth

With pretty orange spots on his body!Moth from the side


One thought on “Morning rides….

  1. I’m so having horse-envy after reading your post! When I was growing up on the ranch back in the 60s, we had horses that looked almost exactly like Blaze! Our Kate especially looked like Blaze on the head & face. I haven’t ridden in probably 8 or more years, and then it was a ‘stable’ horse, oh how I miss the smell, the feel, everything about a horse. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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