2013 Finish-A-Long second quarter recap…

It has been a busy three months and I sure didn’t get as much done as I hoped.  Here was my original post with what I wanted to get done and the details of each.

Here is the condensed version:

  1. OPQG Spiderweb quilt “Threads of Friendship” – DONEOPQG spiderweb
  2. The Mariner’s Coins – DONEquilting Mariner's Coins
  3. 2010 French First Saturday quilt – not touched
  4. 2011 First Saturday quilt – not touched, but I did pick out the pantograph I want to use on it! 🙂
  5. Dinosaur quilt – not touched

You can click on DONE above to go to the finished post for each quilt. I am using this post to link up the Mariner’s Coins but if you want to see more detail on the quilt and the trials I had with it you can go to the main post here.

I was right when I predicted I wouldn’t get much done this quarter. The kids are out of school and I am spending as much time as possible with them. Much better than finishing up quilts!

Skip on over to she can quilt to see what other folks have been able to finish. Hopefully they have not had as dismal progress as I have!


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