Blogging solution to a long absence?

Well, the kids are back in school and I feel I am finally catching up somewhat.  I have horribly neglected my blog… I am going to try to remedy that.

Clock_Alarm_clip_art_hightPart of my “problem” with blogging is that I can spend WAY TOO much time on it and not on doing the things I really need to get done, such as customer quilts, cleaning, cooking, and laundry. I put the blogging off because I “don’t have time”, and then when I do have a bit of time that I could use to blog, I have so much stacked up I want to write about that I mentally tell myself I don’t have the hours and hours it would take to blog about it, so it doesn’t get done again. It turns into a vicious cycle, and here I am 2 months later with no posts.

I have been thinking and have come up with a possible solution. I am going to blog twice a day on most days, but with a maximum time of only 20 minutes each time. I will have to be quick and concise, but it will get me in the habit again. I do have some beautiful quilts to show, so there will be plenty of eye candy and inspiration coming up. Family life has been busy also, so some of that will be coming your way also.

What is your thoughts on my solution? How do you get motivated again or manage your blogging time so that you still get life with family and other commitments done? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


6 thoughts on “Blogging solution to a long absence?

  1. I sometimes have days or even a week or more where I don’t get to my blog either, though I’ll read, or at least skim, my favorites. My blog’s a little bit of everything, though primarily it’s quilting-related, but sometimes quilting activities are scarce, or I don’t get around to taking pictures, and it’s a struggle to write about anything. I *try* to at least post on the days where I link up to other sites and keep up with that, but that doesn’t always work either. So all that to say, I could use encouraging suggestions too.

  2. I am trying to use my phone for mini posts . Saving long posts for the lap top about two or three times a month. Also scheduling posts when I have a block of time. So far it is working OK for me.

    • Thanks for the tip, Julianne. Unfortunately my phone is not the best in the world and I can’t post from it. I do have a Kindle Fire I might try for picture-less posts though! Good idea!

  3. Glad you’re coming back! I have trouble keeping up with my blogs, too. Time on the computer sometimes feels like wasted time, when the deadlines are piling up elsewhere. I try to spend no more than an hour a day on my website. Sometimes all I get done is editing pictures or dealing with cleaning out spam, or updating one little feature. Sometimes a blog post comes out of the hopper! Time can get away from you when you sit down at the screen . . .

    • Boy howdy, how time can get away from us! Glad to see you….I can’t even imagine doing what you do and have a couple of blogs, a business website, and your regular life as a wife, rancher, and quilter!

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