Goodbye, Lucky



November 2002 – September 2013

Lucky lived here before I did.

He was a wonderful dog, faithful, smart, protective, gentle, funny. He was supposed to be full-blooded Lab, but obviously had a rogue Rottweiler somewhere in his background. He adored all three kids and would do anything for them.

A couple of years ago we found out he had testicular cancer. We had it (and them) removed but the vet warned us it may come back. He was healthy and looked great until this spring and summer. Finally we couldn’t let him suffer any more. He is now buried in our woods.

We are working on clearing that space out and planting some flowers. We may even put a bench out there.

I still look for him laying on the step, the third one up from the bottom, every time I pull into the drive way. Munchie still visits him out in the clearing. Out of habit, we look for him when we go out back to shoot our bows or shoot hoops.

We miss you, Lucky!


8 thoughts on “Goodbye, Lucky

  1. We also had to let a loved pet go yesterday, the 10th. She is a poodle, 16 yrs of age last January 2013. She had Kidney failure, maybe she and Lucky are getting acquainted and he will look out for her. I understand when you say you look for him as all day I look to see where Sophia is, mostly she just walked and walked and then go lay down.. the others also go smell of her bed, and they know that I am sad. They are so sensitive to feelings. So sorry for your loss of Lucky.

  2. Heart felt wishes of condolences for you and your family. I know too well how hard it is to let one of our fur babies go home. We had that experience this summer too with one of our cats, Smokey. I still think I see her in some of her favorite places when I pass by quickly. Lucky looks like he was a sweet caring dog. Our remaining cat is named Lucky and she is lonesome by herself, but I can’t handle getting attached to any more pets.

  3. My prayers go out to you and your family. We lost a 21 yr old cat and an 11 yr old dog since Jan. Rally is teaching Lucky and Sophia how to watch TV and figure out if the flickering is lightning or the TV! We also had to say goodbye to our granddog (he just went home with his mom after her deployment) Sure is quiet! 1 cat 4 dogs —-> 2 dogs! My husband is worried I will get another one, but I always meant to have TWO dogs..not FOUR! (that is another story)

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