Thanks & Peggy’s Parts Department quilt

First, I want to thank everyone for their kind words over Lucky’s loss. We know we are not the only ones missing a loved fur baby!

Now for some of that show and tell I promised…..

Peggy belongs to my guild and is a good friend of mine. “Parts” of this quilt were contributed by friends in the guild and she constructed if after attending one of Gwen Marston’s Parts Department workshops. She asked me to quilt if for her as she wanted to take it to a Gwen Marston retreat coming up the end of this month.

Peggy's Parts Dept

It was fun, but challenging, to quilt. The only direction Peggy gave me was that she thought the zig-zag borders would be cool with zig-zag quilting. Other than that, I was on my own!

Peggy's Parts Dept detailI used continuous curve and curly-q’s to help tie all the different elements together.

Peggy's Parts Dept detail 2

The motif in the red and white four-patch is one from Diana Phillip’s Flower Power and was very easy to do free-hand without marking.Peggy's Parts Dept detail 3Here you see the same motif, with more continuous curves and curly-q’s.

Peggy's Parts Dept - centerThis last picture is the center of the quilt with Peggy’s applique flower.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and stopping by after my long silence!



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